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My name is Brandon Storey and I am a life-long player and fan of the greatest sport in the world. 

I grew up playing all types of hockey…

Ice hockey, street hockey, floor hockey, bubble hockey, roller hockey, and of course knee hockey—or as my brothers and I used to call it: “crumple ball”.

I’m currently living in the Canadian mountains with my wife and 1 year old daughter, where I spend my days playing ice hockey on my backyard rink.

If you have questions, then I’ll help you answer them right here at HQ—whether you’re just beginning your hockey journey or you’re a life-long fan. Explore around, and feel free to reach out if you need help!

Keep reading below and I’ll share with you some of my favorite (and most disappointing hockey moments). And yes, I’m a shameless fan of my local team: The Vancouver Canucks, who have provided some amazing hockey moments—but they also have their fair share of heartbreaks.

Here are my favorite hockey moments (As you can tell, I really like when a game goes to overtime):

1. 2004 Stanley Cup Playoffs
It was game 6. Canucks were down 3-2 in the series against the Calgary Flames. The game went to triple overtime. Brendan Morrison scored the game winner to keep the Canucks in the series and get to game 7.

2. 2009 World Junior Championships

Team Canada was down 5-4 against Team Russia in the Semifinals. Jordan Eberle ties the game with an incredible backhand goal top shelf with 5 seconds left in the 3rd period. Canada went on to win the game in a shootout, and defeat Sweden for gold in the Finals.

3. 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver

Crosby’s Golden Goal. Team Canada’s Sidney Crosby scores the game winner to defeat Team USA in overtime.

4. 2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs

Canucks’ Alexandre Burrows scores an incredible slapshot overtime winner to “slay the dragon”, defeating the current Stanley Cup champions—The Chicago Blackhawks in game 7.

5. 2018 Stanley Cup Finals

After years of increasing doubt whether the Great 8 could still compete in the Crosby vs. Ovechkin debate… He finally did it. Seeing Alexander Ovechkin raise the Stanley Cup for the Washington Capitals is my favorite NHL moment. Ovie claiming his cup reminded me of Ray Bourque with the Avalanche finally getting his well-deserved championship trophy after 22 seasons in the NHL.

Here are my most disappointing hockey moments

1. 2004 Stanley Cup Playoffs

The Canucks had just defeated the Flames in triple overtime in game 6 of the 1st round. The next game, it went to overtime again. This time, it was none other than Martin Gelinas who scored the game winner for the Flames.

2. 2011 Stanley Cup Finals

The Canucks were the hottest team in the league. Presidents Trophy winners. In the playoffs, they defeated the 2010 Chicago Blackhawks in 7 games. Then they beat Nashville in 6. Then San Jose in 5. Next up was Boston… if they kept playing the way they were, this should be a sweep at 4 games. But, Vancouver let Boston get all the way to game 7 where they shutout Vancouver 4-0. I was in Vancouver this day. Let’s just say you could see the riots were going to break out after the first period.

3. 2012 World Junior Championships

Canada was the favorite to win the tournament. They were stacked with future NHL stars Huberdeau, Stone, Scheifele, and more. In the Semifinals, Russia embarrassed them. They were down 6-1 to Team Russia halfway through the 3rd period. Somehow, Canada managed to pull off an incredible 3rd period, closing the gap to 6-5, giving hope as each minute passed. But, they were unable to tie the game, resulting in an absolutely disappointing tournament (despite still claiming the Bronze Medal).

Anyways, those are my favorite and most heart-breaking hockey moments!

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