3 Great Ice Hockey Skates for Ankle Support in 2023

Do you have a weak ankle?

Or, maybe you have two ankles that need a bit of extra support?

Perhaps you have small ankles and you’re looking for the right skates?

In hockey, it’s super important to ensure your ankles have the support they need.

This is even more important if you don’t have the strongest ankles.

It’s important that your ankles feel comfortable within your skates when you’re on the ice. You need to make sure your skates have the proper support and the proper fit so when you’re playing in a game—you forget there’s any issue with your ankle.

While ankle issues can affect most hockey players at one point or another, they can be avoided or at least minimized with the right pair of skates.

In this article, we’ll show you the 3 best hockey skates for ankle support in 2023. 

Let’s begin.

Best Overall: Bauer Vapor Hyperlite

When it comes to picking hockey skates with great ankle support, the major factor comes down to overall boot stiffness.

The stiffer the boot, the better your ankle will be supported.

That’s why the Bauer Vapor Hyperlite skates are our top pick for skates with great ankle support in 2023.


  • Very stiff boot offers impressive ankle support
  • Very comfortable (Lock Fit Pro liner)
  • Lightweight 
  • Comes in a few different sizes


  • Not very friendly on the budget
  • Some people have concerns about durability
Skate FeaturesBauer Vapor Hyperlite Ratings
Sizing Versatility10/10
Time to Break-In9/10
Runners 10/10

The most important skate feature for ankle support is stiffness.

If you use skates that are more flexible, your ankles will move around more which isn’t great if you’re trying to strengthen your ankles.

We gave the Bauer Vapor Hyperlites a rating of 9.5/10. Not only do the Hyperlites offer an impressive stiffness in the boot—but it’s our top rated skate overall for 2023.

The skate is a single piece, making it better fitting (and stiffer).

But, even though the skate is stiffer, it’s still very comfortable. It features an Aerolite foam tongue, Lock Fit Pro liner, and extra padding inside the boot.

If you deal with any ankle issues, it can be hard to find a boot that fits just right. You don’t want it too loose or your ankle could wobble around and get hurt. And, you don’t want it too tight or it could put too much pressure on your ankle.

Thankfully, it’s not difficult finding the right boot size with the Hyperlites, since they come in a bunch of sizes and widths.

And, even though some people have mentioned durability issues with the Hyperlites, the only real reason anyone should turn down these skates would be the price—since they’re arguably the top skates on the market.

Plus, even though they cost just over $1,000, the value from the skates is justified in my opinion. 

Not only are these the top-of-the-line skates on the market. But, they’re the best overall hockey skates for ankle support—providing a very stiff boot that’s lightweight and comfortable for any player.

Runner-Up: CCM Super Tacks AS3 Pro

The second best hockey skates for ankle support are the CCM Super Tacks AS3s.

These skates came pretty close to taking first place, as we rated them 88.5 out of 100 overall.


  • Stiff boot is great for ankle support
  • Very comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • One piece boot for maximum energy transfer
  • Keeps feet dry with Total Dri Pro moisture wicking


  • Quite expensive
  • Doesn’t have too many sizing options
Skate FeaturesCCM Super Tacks AS3 Pro Ratings
Sizing Versatility7.5/10
Time to Break-In9/10

If you need skates with great ankle support, then you’ll want to consider the CCM Super Tacks AS3 Pros. They’re among the highest performance skates available in 2023—and an excellent option for providing extra ankle support.

These skates are made as a durable one-piece skate. The AS3 Pros have impressive energy transfer—offering you much more agility when you’re on the ice.

This is especially beneficial if you’re new to the game or have trouble with your ankles.

It’s hard enough on the ankles getting used to all the stopping and starting. These skates offer a nice advantage with the frequently-changing directions in the game.

And, these skates feature CCM’s brand new foot bed tech—the Ortholite Ultralight footbed. It’s very comfortable. 

The footbed is nice and snug on your feet. Plus, it comes with moisture wicking technology to keep your feet dry and comfortable during a game.

While The Super Tacks AS3 Pros don’t have a ton of sizing options, they’re very comfortable—especially if you have medium-sized feet. 

The skates also come with an interchangeable tongue option to get a better fit (not included in regular price).

Best Budget: Bauer Supreme 3S 

Bauer’s Supreme lineup was crafted with straight line speed and maximum power transfer in mind.

And, while these skates aren’t the best on the market, they’re a great budget-friendly hockey skate for good ankle support.


  • Boot is quite stiff
  • Great value for entry level/mid-tier skates
  • Very comfortable
  • Decent number of sizes available


  • Not the most comfortable boot
  • Not as durable as top-tier options
Skate FeaturesBauer Supreme 3S Ratings
Sizing Versatility9/10
Time to Break-In8/10

The Bauer Supreme 3Ss are some of the best entry-mid tier hockey skates available in 2023.

They feature a nice, stiff boot in a decent variety of sizes. And, most importantly, they offer some solid ankle support without having to fork out a grand on skates.

The exterior of the skates are made from 3D Lasted Flex composite. This offers you a nice custom fit regardless of the size you get. This also lets you push off with more power with each stride you take.

The Supreme 3S’s also come with great holders: the Lightspeed Edge. These are some of the best for mid-tier skates. This makes it easy to remove and replace your blade by simply flipping a trigger.

The Supreme 3Ss also include a Hydrophobic Microfiber liner. This helps prevent the build up of moisture inside your boot—offering you a bit more comfort when you’re in a game.

Something you should keep in mind is that entry level-mid-tier skates begin to wear out and break down quicker than high-end skates.

Nevertheless, the Supreme 3Ss are a solid pair of mid-tier skates that offer an incredible value for the price.

Want Better Ankle Support? Tie Your Skates Like This:

Are you struggling with weak or wobbly ankles? Maybe you’re recovering from an injury, or you’re simply new to the game and are working on strengthening your ankles.

One of the best tricks of the trade for better ankle support is by simply tying your skates a bit tighter.

One of the easiest ways to do this is by forming a loop on the top of your laces:

  1. Tie your skates as you normally would, leaving the final hole open.
  2. Once you’re ready to bring your laces up across to the final hole, don’t cross them over.
  3. Instead, make sure to keep your laces to the outside of your boot. Then, on the same side, just slip the lace through the top hole towards the inside of your skate. This creates a loop.
  4. Once you have your loop, cross your laces over through each top loop.
  5. Then, finish up by tying your skates how you normally would.

This trick will help you get your skates a bit tighter, giving you some nice added ankle support on the ice.

This video shows you exactly how to do this:

7 Tips to Strengthen Your Ankles for Hockey

If you’re dealing with ankle weakness, that can be a real pain when you’re playing hockey.

And, if your ankles bend inwards when you play, or you simply are trying to recover from an ankle sprain, you’re not alone.

Ankle strength is a challenging barrier to overcome whether you’re new to the game or you’re just recovering from a past injury.

Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to strengthen your ankles for better performance on the ice:

1. Remember to get your skates properly fitted (they could be too big or too small).

2. Don’t be shy about trying on a number of different skates to get a pair that are nice and snug.

3. Don’t forget to get your skates molded to your feet.

4. Strengthen your legs, not just your ankles. You should work on your overall leg strength. When your legs are stronger, it impacts your ankle strength more than anything.

5. Be conscious to bend your knees more when you’re skating.

6. Tighten your laces up a bit more.

7. If you’re dealing with an ongoing ankle injury, speak with a sports physiotherapist.

And, one more tip: If you’re really dedicated to strengthening your ankles to improve your game, then you should work on some drills specific to strengthening your ankles.

Here’s a great video you should watch. It features a simple 30-day ankle training plan for hockey players:

Want even more help supporting your ankles while playing hockey? I wrote a full article on hockey ankle support and braces here that I encourage you to read!





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