3 Great Ice Hockey Skates for Small Ankles in 2023 (With Pictures)

If you have small ankles, it can be difficult finding the right pair of skates.

It’s important your skates have the proper support and the proper fit when you’re playing.

There’s nothing worse than having your ankles give out part-way through a game because your skates are too uncomfortable.

Plus, if your skates are too wide around the ankles, it means your ankles usually take a bit of a beating—usually ending up scraped and bruised up.

In this article, we’ll show you the 3 best hockey skates for small ankles in 2023.

Let’s dive in.

Best Overall: True TF Pro Custom Player Skates

The number one problem most people have when trying to find skates for small ankles is that they don’t always have narrow feet.

Most skates from Bauer and CCM are designed with skate sizes that match narrow feet to small ankles. But, if you have wider feet, you’re stuck with skates that are too tight on your feet or too tight on your ankles.

That’s where True Custom Skates come in.

They are hands down the best option in 2023 if you have smaller ankles.

But, these bad boys don’t come cheap. They’re some of the most expensive skates on the market—and rightfully so. 

Clocking in at over $1,000, these skates aren’t easy on the wallet—but they make your skates feel much easier on your ankles.


  • Most accurate 3D foot modeling for custom fit
  • The most comfortable fit
  • Lightweight
  • Protective add-ons


  • Very expensive
  • Takes time to get them custom made
Skate FeaturesBauer Vapor Hyperlite Ratings
Sizing Versatility10/10
Time to Break-In10/10

The most important aspect of finding the right skates comes down to fit.

If your skates don’t fit, it’s going to be extremely difficult playing for long periods of time.

Thankfully, you can get completely custom skates with True’s TF Pro Custom Player Skates.

These skates are designed by taking a 3D anatomical scan of your feet.

This means you won’t have an issue finding skates for small ankles after you’ve tried these ones out.

Around the ankles, you’re protected and fitted well with the antimicrobial, moisture wicking hydrofoam liner for added comfort.

Not only are the TF Pro Customs near-perfectly fit to your feet, but they also offer a ton of customization options. You can add on side panel color options, different liners, protective tongue options, shot block protector, and even personalization like initials or number embroidery.

Runner-Up: CCM Super Tacks AS3 Pro

The second best hockey skates for small ankles are the CCM Super Tacks AS3 Pros.

Overall, these skates are the best non-custom skates for small ankles. You’ll notice they’re actually rated higher (88.5/100) than the True TF Pros (they’re rated 86.5/100). 

This is because we feel the value from the CCM Super Tacks exceeds the TF Pros, even though the TF Pros are a better overall skate for smaller ankles.


  • Stiff, fitted boot is great for small ankles
  • Very comfortable boot
  • Lightweight 
  • One piece skates offer maximum energy transfer


  • Quite expensive
  • Not a whole lot of sizing options
Skate FeaturesCCM Super Tacks AS3 Pro Ratings
Sizing Versatility7.5/10
Time to Break-In9/10

If you need skates for smaller ankles, then you’ll seriously want to consider the CCM Super Tacks AS3 Pros

These skates are among the highest performing skates available this year—in 2023. And, they’re an excellent option for offering extra ankle support.

The Super Tacks AS3 Pro skates are made as a high-quality one-piece skate. They also have impressive energy transfer—giving you much more agility when you’re in a game.

The one-piece boot is especially beneficial if you’ve got smaller ankles since your weight shifts all at once, allowing your ankles to stay in position easier.

These top-tier skates also feature CCM’s brand new foot bed tech—the Ortholite Ultralight footbed. It’s very comfortable, and feels nice and snug to your foot.

Plus, it comes with a new moisture wicking technology that keeps your feet dry (and comfortable) when you’re playing.

The one downside is that the Super Tacks AS3 Pros don’t have a bunch of sizing options. But, if you have medium-sized feet, they’re a great choice.

Plus, the skates also come with an interchangeable tongue addition to give you an even better fit around your ankles (not included in regular price).

Best Budget: Bauer Vapor 3X

Do you have smaller ankles? Are you having trouble figuring out which skates will fit your comfortably? But, you’re simply not ready to drop $700-$1000 on new skates? 

Then you’ll want to check out these Bauer Vapor 3X skates.

These are some of the best mid-level hockey skates for those with smaller ankles.


  • Great for smaller ankles
  • Very comfortable for the cost
  • Lightweight
  • Good ankle support


  • Only a couple sizing options remain
  • Doesn’t come with replaceable runners
Skate FeaturesBauer Vapor 3X Ratings
Sizing Versatility4/10
Time to Break-In6.5/10
Runners 5.5/10

The Bauer Vapor 3X skates are a great pair of skates for small ankles, considering the price.

While you’re going to get the best possible fit by dropping a grand, you can get away with very comfortable skates with the 3Xs.

These skates are designed with Flex Comp quarters. These provide you with extra support while maintaining a lightweight construction.

These skates are possibly the most lightweight on the market for this price.

They come with LS+ runners, which are taller and allow you to get a better, sharper angle turn.

Overall, these skates are really comfortable for a mid-tier skate—they come with an asymmetrical toe cap. This reduces negative space around the toes as much as possible. Bauer created the toe cap design after scanning the feet of 800,000 hockey players.

If you’re wanting a great pair of hockey skates for your smaller ankles, but don’t want to fork out a thousand dollars, then these skates are some of the best on the market.

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