Can You Use an Ice Hockey Stick for Street Hockey? (Beginners Read This!)

Did you know that Connor McDavid credits roller hockey as a major part of his skating and hockey success?

Him, along with Mitch Marner, Kyle Connor, and Dylan Larkin (and A TON of other NHLers), all played roller hockey and street hockey growing up which helped shape them into the elite hockey players they are today.

Are you an ice hockey player looking to play street hockey in the summer?

Or, maybe you don’t play ice hockey but you’re just wanting to play a bit of street hockey? 

You might be wondering what kind of hockey stick you should use? Should you use a street hockey stick? Can you use an ice hockey stick in street hockey? What about taping your street hockey stick?

In this article, we’ll show you whether you can use an ice hockey stick in street hockey. Plus, you’ll learn a few tips on how you can dominate your street hockey games with the right gear and the right techniques.

Let’s begin.

Here’s Whether You Can Use an Ice Hockey Stick for Street Hockey:

Yes, you can use an ice hockey stick for street hockey. Composite sticks are made for ice hockey, but they can certainly be used on the streets (or when you’re playing roller hockey). But, you need to protect your blade.

Can You Use Street Hockey Sticks on Ice?

Street hockey sticks can definitely be used for ice hockey.

Is this the best thing to do?

Definitely not.

Unless, of course, you’re just planning on playing recreationally or you want to go to a local hockey pond in the winter for a little bit.

But, if you plan on playing ice hockey competitively—either for drop-in / pick-up hockey or in a league, then you should definitely trade your street hockey stick for a composite ice hockey stick.

You’ll be much better off using a composite hockey stick when playing ice hockey than a street hockey stick—unless, of course, you’re playing a one-off game of ice hockey and can’t find a composite stick. 

Just be prepared to get chirped from your opponents (and teammates) for not using a composite stick! 🙂

What’s the Difference Between Ice Hockey & Street Hockey Sticks?

Wondering what the difference is between an ice hockey and street hockey stick?

Street Hockey Sticks

Street hockey sticks are typically much heavier than ice hockey sticks as they’re commonly made from a solid piece of wood. They also usually come with an ABS blade which is designed to be durable on concrete or pavement.

They’re typically much more budget-friendly and usually range between $20-$50

Ice Hockey Sticks

On the other hand, a composite hockey stick is made for ice hockey. These are much lighter-weight and have blades designed for ice.

These are much more expensive and range between $50-$300.

If you do choose to use a composite ice hockey stick for street hockey, you need to understand that you’ll wear down your blade much faster than an ABS street hockey stick. 

If you plan on planning a lot, you’ll likely wear through your blade in a few games which can be very costly since you’ll probably have to pay a few hundred dollars for a new stick.

So, how do you protect your composite ice hockey stick from pavement?

There’s a relatively new street hockey product called the Hockey Wraparound.

This is an awesome blade-protecting tool made specifically for playing street hockey with your composite ice hockey stick. It works wonders to protect the bottom of your blade for a much longer time.

I’ve personally been using this for months and it’s been my favorite hockey gear purchase all year. I like to use the same stick between ice hockey and street hockey to stay consistent but I always wear down my blade quickly. 

However, since I’ve got the Hockey Wraparound, my blades have been lasting nearly 6x longer which is amazing. I’ve saved at least a few hundred dollars so far.

What Do You Use for Street Hockey? (Gear)

Are you going to be playing a street hockey game soon?

Are you wondering what gear you should be using?

Well, look no further! 

Keep in mind that your gear requirements may vary from game to game depending on the level of intensity and who’s organizing it.

Here’s a list of hockey gear you should bring to your next street hockey game:


  • Hockey Stick (ABS street hockey stick or composite ice hockey stick)
  • Ball or puck
  • 2 Nets
  • 2 Sets of Goalie Pads

May Be Required:

  • Roller Blades
  • Helmet

May Be Required if Playing With Hard Street Hockey Puck:

  • Shin Pads
  • Elbow Pads

And… if you want some style points, make sure you come repping a sick jersey!

Should You Tape Your Stick for Street Hockey?

One of the biggest debates among street hockey enthusiasts is whether or not to tape your stick.

Some street hockey players are adamant that you should NEVER tape your stick since it will get stuck on the pavement when you’re stickhandling.

However, other street hockey players are just as passionate about taping their blade and state that you will lose control of the puck without it.

Here are the pros and cons of taping your street hockey stick:

Pros of Taping Your Street Hockey Stick:

1. Better Grip

When you tape your street hockey stick, you gain similar benefits to playing on the ice: better grip. 

When you tape the top of your stick (stick shaft / butt end), you gain better grip on your top hand. But, you also get better grip between your blade and the puck so you can stickhandle better.

2. Better Control of the Puck or Ball

Another major benefit to taping your street stick is for better puck control. Dominance in hockey (whether street hockey or ice hockey) is all about control. The more you control the puck (or ball), the better you’ll play. 

When you tape your blade, the puck or ball can grip better to your blade, allowing you to stickhandle easier.

3. Reduced Wear & Tear

One often overlooked advantage of taping your street hockey stick is upkeep. What I mean by that is when you tape your blade, you protect the blade more. Playing street hockey wears down the bottom of your blade 10 times faster than it does on ice since it’s such a rough surface. 

Even if you’re playing on smooth concrete, it doesn’t take long before your blade is falling apart. Taping your blade helps reduce wear and tear a bit to make your blade last longer.

Cons of Taping Your Street Hockey Stick:

1. Slow Stick Handling

It may seem contradictory, as the main benefit to taping your street hockey stick is better stickhandling. However, you can sometimes have slower stickhandling (despite having more control) if you tape your blade. 

Unlike ice hockey which is super smooth, when you have tape on the bottom of your street hockey stick, it can get stuck on the pavement or concrete as you’re stickhandling since there’s more friction. This also means your handling won’t be as smooth despite having good control.

2. The Ball Sticks To Your Blade (Sometimes Too Much)

While you can keep the ball on your blade better with tape, it sometimes means you can have too much grip.

This is especially true when it’s very hot out as your tape can get extra sticky (and the ball can soften) which means it’s harder to stickhandle.

What Puck Is Used for Street Hockey?

While ice hockey always uses a heavy rubber puck, street hockey doesn’t use the same black rubber puck.

Street hockey games are typically played with either one of two options: a hard plastic puck or an orange softer plastic ball.

The puck used in street hockey is typically made of very hard plastic (sometimes with smooth metal balls to help it roll) rather than made of full rubber—like ice hockey.

Other times, street hockey isn’t played with a puck at all. Instead, it’s played with a softer orange ball. 

Choosing a ball or puck depends on your preferences.

A ball is much softer and moves slower than a puck. However, it can be a bit too soft and hard to stickhandle with on a hot day.

A plastic puck is harder and moves quicker than an orange hockey ball. However, it can definitely hurt if you get hit with it so you’ll probably want to wear a helmet, shin pads, and possibly a jock or jill if you’re playing with one. 

What’s the Best Stick for Street Hockey?

The best stick for street hockey is either a durable composite stick (mainly used for ice hockey), or a lightweight ABS street hockey stick.

Here are our top 3 recommendations:

Best Composite Hockey Stick: CCM Super Tacks AS4 Pro Ice Hockey Stick

Best ABS Street Hockey Stick: Franklin Sports Power X ABS Street Hockey Stick 

Best Budget Hockey Stick: Christian R1000 Street Hockey Stick

Want more information on how to pick the best hockey stick? I highly recommend checking out our article Bauer vs. CCM Sticks (Everything You Should Know). You’ll learn a ton about how to pick the right stick and the differences between the two most popular hockey brands.


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