How to Remove Hockey Jersey Wrinkles: Plus 11 Other Maintenance Tips

You show up to your hockey game, and everyone’s getting dressed.

But, right after you throw on your jersey, you get scolded for looking like a bum.

Your hockey jersey is all wrinkled and now the game’s about to start.

Have you ever been in that situation? It’s almost as embarrassing as choosing the wrong hockey jersey number!

Thankfully, you can kiss the days of nasty jersey wrinkles goodbye… if you follow the tips below.

In this article, we’ll show you how to fix a wrinkled hockey jersey. Plus, we’ll show you how to remove huge creases in your crest or on your number and how to prevent a wrinkled jersey.

Let’s begin.

Can You Iron a Hockey Jersey?

Yes, you can iron a hockey jersey—but you should be careful. Just turn the jersey inside out and spray lightly with water. Then, iron it out with a cool iron (low temperature). If the iron is too hot it may damage the jersey.

How to Iron a Hockey Jersey

Hockey jerseys are made so they need very little (if any) ironing. If your jersey is getting wrinkled and you do need to iron it, follow these steps:

1. Flip your jersey inside out so you iron on the inside of the jersey.

2. Turn your iron to low heat.

3. Spray your jersey lightly with water.

4. Iron on the wrong side of the fabric (the inside) carefully and smoothly.

5. Use the steam setting if necessary.

How to Get Wrinkles Out of a Hockey Jersey

If your jersey is getting too wrinkled and you’ve tried basic ironing, but it’s not working, try this:

1. Use a dry iron (no water inside).

2. To create steam, spray filtered water onto a clean t-shirt (or blue shop towel) until it’s damp.

3. Lay the damp t-shirt over the wrinkled area.

4. Apply the iron and press as you usually would until the moisture is gone.

5. Repeat if necessary. It should only take applying it once or twice to get the wrinkles out.

The heat from the iron should allow the steam to penetrate the fabric without the risk of burning the jersey. This also prevents the jersey fibers from melting and sticking to the iron.

If you’re still having trouble, another option is to take it to a local dry cleaner and have them professionally press the jersey.

You could also use a former inside the jersey sleeves and apply tension.

Can I Put My NHL Jersey In the Dryer?

No, you should never put your NHL jersey in the dryer. 

Even if it’s an authentic pro jersey, the high heat from the dryer can shrink the uniform, make stains permanent, and fade the coloring. Instead, you should hang dry your jersey away from direct sunlight after it’s washed.

How Do You Get Creases Out of a Hockey Jersey Crest?

Is your hockey jersey crest wrinkled to the point of a very prominent crease?

If so, follow this method to get rid of it:

1. Use an iron without water inside (dry iron).

2. Spray filtered water onto a clean t-shirt (or blue shop towel) to create steam until it’s damp.

3. Put the damp t-shirt or towel over the wrinkled area.

4. Press your iron down on as you usually would until all the moisture is gone.

5. Repeat steps 2-4 if necessary. You should only need to apply the iron once or twice to get the crease out of your logo crest.

By following these steps, you’ll be able to easily fix a crease on your hockey crest or number.

Can You Steam Your Hockey Jersey?

Yes, you can steam your jersey.

If you want to get wrinkles out of your jersey but don’t want to use an iron, a steamer works great.

Simply hang up your jersey on a hanger once it’s clean.

Then, turn on your steamer and steam it exactly how you normally would with a t-shirt.

If you’re dealing with a major crease on your crest and it won’t come out, follow the steps in the section above.

Do NHL Jerseys Shrink?

Yes, NHL jerseys will always slightly shrink over time just like any other jersey.

However, there are ways to prevent your jersey from shrinking too much.

If you wash your jersey at 194 Fahrenheit (90 degrees Celsius), it will likely shrink to some degree.

If your jersey is a bit too big and you want to shrink it, you should be careful. While you can manipulate the jersey to shrink, it is likely to shrink unevenly or make the colors bleed or fade. 

How to Prevent Jersey Frays (and Make Your Hockey Jersey Last Longer)

Is your jersey starting to break down? Maybe you’re wanting to make it last longer?

Well, whether you have a few loose threads, the fabric is fraying, or your logo is peeling off, then follow these tips to restore it and increase its longevity.

Prevent Jersey Frays

First, get Fray Check (a fray prevention liquid). You can get it at Amazon. Or, head to Michael’s or Hobby Lobby.

If you leave a jersey without putting Fray Check on, it will fray sooner or later. 

If you can tell your logo is glued on (rather than sewed on), you’ll definitely want to use this. A quick way to tell if your jersey is glued on is by looking inside for stitching.

Also, never put your jersey in the dryer. Always hang dry it.

Polyester knit jerseys will dry out within a few hours as they don’t hold a lot of jerseys.

If you have a pro jersey, it shouldn’t technically ever stay wet so you should be able to use it within minutes.

Also, if you want to get rid of your sizing logo on the bottom of your jersey, you can use something called a seam ripper to take it off.

Use permanent fabric glue and make sure it says it dries flexibly. 

Put it over the logo. It’s basically like putting a clear coat on it to strengthen the logo material. It’s important that when you do this, you don’t wash the jersey for at least a week or two.

How to Remove Snags

Some jerseys are made out of a fabric that is knit. This means if you pull on a thread, it could create a hole in your jersey. Even if you just cut off

Jersey snags are especially common among pet owners.

If it’s a long snag, cut it short. Then, use a barbecue lighter to melt the snag. Be very careful so you don’t damage the jersey.

How to Fix Your Logo if It Starts Coming Off

Do you have a mid-tier jersey?

Is your jersey logo starting to come off?

Don’t worry, you can fix it again by gluing it back on.

Simply use a bit of fabric glue where it’s starting to peel off and it will seal again.

How to Fix a Fuzzy Edging Along Your Logo

Get your scissors and trim off any longer threads. 

Then, pull your logo flat and melt the edge of the logo with a barbecue lighter. Just be careful. 

Don’t let the flame touch the logo. You’re just allowing the heat to melt and seal the fuzzy edge. 

Be extra careful not to get too close to the actual jersey as well—just the logo.

Fix Stains On Your White Jersey

Do you have stains on your white jersey?

Take liquid bleach and mix it with baking soda.

You’ll want to get it so it has the consistency of toothpaste or a bit thinner. Use a paintbrush to paint it onto the stains. Then, let it dry. 

Once it’s dry, bleach dies, so you won’t have to worry about it spreading to other parts of your jersey. 

Just be careful that you don’t touch any non-white areas of your jersey. And don’t use the bleach/baking soda mix anywhere on your logo.

Once it’s dry, you can put it in the washer and you should have most of your stains out.

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