What Hockey Team Is in Texas? (11 Facts About Texas Hockey Teams)

Texas has its bbq, live music, hot temperatures, and…

Ice hockey.

While hockey isn’t the first sport people are attracted to when they come to the “Lone Star State” (think football, basketball, baseball)—it’s definitely popular. 

So, what hockey team is in Texas?

And, is there more than one team?

In this article, we’ll show you exactly what NHL team is in Texas, what other professional teams are in the state, and everything else you need to know about Texas hockey teams.

Let’s dive in.

Here’s What Hockey Team Is in Texas:

Texas has two professional hockey teams: The Dallas Stars of the National Hockey League and the Texas Stars—the American Hockey League (minor league) affiliate of the Dallas Stars. The Dallas Stars (NHL) play in Dallas while the Texas Stars (AHL) play in Cedar Park (near Austin).

Is There an NHL Team in Texas?

Yes, there is an NHL team in Texas.

The Dallas Stars are the only National Hockey League team in the state of Texas.

They were founded in 1967 and play at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas.

Does Dallas Have a Hockey Team?

Yes, Dallas’ most popular hockey team is the Dallas Stars—the state’s only professional hockey team in the NHL.

They play out of Dallas, Texas at the American Airlines Center in downtown Dallas.

Is There a Hockey Team in Austin, Texas?

While there isn’t an NHL team in Austin, Texas, there is an AHL hockey team in Austin, Texas.

The Texas Stars are the professional hockey team in Austin. They’re a part of the American Hockey League (AHL). 

They are the minor league affiliate of the Dallas Stars of the National Hockey League.

Does Austin, Texas Have a Professional Hockey Team?

Yes, the Texas Stars are the professional hockey team in Austin. However, they aren’t an NHL team. 

They’re an American Hockey League (AHL) team. While they’re not a part of hockey’s major league, they are a professional hockey team.

Is There a Hockey Team in Houston?

No, there isn’t a professional hockey team in Houston.

Houston used to have a professional hockey team. The Houston Aeros were an American Hockey League (AHL) team based out of Houston from 1994 to 2013.

In 2013, the Houston Aeros were relocated to Iowa as the Iowa Wild (AHL) and became the official minor league affiliate of the Minnesota Wild (NHL).

Is There a Hockey Team in San Antonio?

No, there isn’t a professional hockey team in San Antonio.

However, the San Antonio Rampage used to operate there between 2002-2020.

They operated as part of the American Hockey League (AHL) as an affiliate of the Florida Panthers (2002-2005), Phoenix Coyotes (2005-2011), Florida Panthers (2011-2015), Colorado Avalanche (2015-2018), and the St. Louis Blues (2018-2020).

Why Doesn’t Houston Have a Hockey Team?

Houston has often come up as one of the top potential cities to host a new NHL franchise for years.

This is among other places like Quebec City, Kansas City, Portland, Milwaukee, and Seattle (who recently got their NHL team in the Kraken).

Houston has supported minor league hockey (formerly the Houston Aeros) very well. 

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman is intent on spreading the NHL to televised markets throughout the U.S. 

So, why doesn’t Houston have an NHL team?

The first reason is because it’s been an uphill battle starting NHL franchises in the South. The only southern NHL teams between the 1960s and the 1990s were the Los Angeles Kings, the Dallas Stars.

It wasn’t until the 90s when a few more NHL teams popped up in the south.

Hockey naturally isn’t as popular in hotter climates—and it makes it a risky business decision. Ultimately, the reason Houston doesn’t have a team is money.

To bring a second NHL team to Texas would be very difficult.

However, Houston still remains a target area for the NHL to create a new franchise and could see an NHL team one day.

Will the Coyotes Move to Houston?

No, it is very unlikely that the Arizona Coyotes will move to Houston, Texas.

Among the ongoing rumors of a potential Coyotes relocation has been talks about Houston.

But, The Arizona Coyotes recently denied the rumors that they’d be moving to Houston in a recent Forbes report.

The Coyotes stated “We’re not selling. We’re not moving. The Coyotes are 100 percent committed to playing in Arizona.”

How Many Hockey Teams Are in Texas?

There are three professional hockey teams in Texas: the Dallas Stars (NHL), the Texas Stars (AHL), and the Allen Americans (ECHL).

However, there are plenty of other hockey teams in Texas—including everything from youth hockey to college hockey.

Who Is the Dallas Stars Farm Team?

The Dallas Stars farm team is the Texas Stars based out of Cedar Park, Texas (near Austin).

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