What Hockey Team Is in Washington State? (NHL in the Evergreen State)

Did you know professional hockey in Washington State began over 100 years ago?

Washington—and specifically Seattle—has been the talk of the hockey world lately since the newest franchise to join the NHL is located right in Washington State!

However, there’s a rich history of professional hockey in Washington state. While pro teams have come and gone, hockey has been deep-rooted in the Evergreen State for over a century.

In this article, I’ll show you what team is in Washington State, where they play, and how you can watch them.

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Let’s dive in.

Here’s What Hockey Teams Are In Washington State:

Washington State introduced the newest NHL team—Seattle Kraken—in the 2021-22 season. They play home games at Climate Pledge Arena and are a part of the Pacific Division in the NHL. Washington’s four major junior hockey teams in the WHL are the Seattle Thunderbirds, Everett Silvertips, Tri-City Americans, and Spokane Chiefs.

Does Washington State Have a Hockey Team?

Yes, Washington State has a hockey team. In fact, they have several hockey teams.

But… Does Washington State have an NHL team?

Seattle Kraken is the NHL team in Washington State who play out of the Climate Pledge Arena in downtown Seattle.

Washington State features four major junior teams: Everett Silvertips, Seattle Thunderbirds, Spokane Chiefs, and Tri-City Americans.

Washington State University (WSU) also has a men’s ice hockey team. The team plays in Division II as a part of the American Collegiate Hockey Association (ACHA).

What Is the Washington State Hockey Team Name?

The Washington State hockey team name you’re probably wondering about is the professional hockey team. Located in the state capital, the Seattle Kraken was formed in the 2021-22 season in the National Hockey League.

According to the Seattle Kraken website, the name “Seattle Kraken” comes from the Giant Pacific Octopus located in the Puget Sound waters off the coast of Washington State, near Seattle.

However, we all know that’s not true. They actually named their team after the mythical “Kraken” creature from Scandinavian folklore. 

Their website states, “The Kraken represents the fiercest beast in all the world. Too large and indomitable to be contained by man (or finned mammal). It instills one message in all opponents whether in our waters, or theirs… Abandon all hope.”

What Was the Old Seattle Hockey Team Name?

Pro hockey in Seattle dates back over 100 years ago, to 1915. The original professional hockey team in Seattle was the Seattle Metropolitans. The team played within the Pacific Coast Hockey Association (PCHA). 

The interesting part? The Seattle Metropolitans were the most dominant team in the PCHA league. In fact, during their nine-year tenure, they led with a record of 112–96–2. They even beat out the Vancouver Millionaires (the next-best team) who had a record of 109–96–2 in the same time frame.

The Metropolitans played home games in downtown Seattle. They played at the old Seattle Ice Arena, located at 5th and University which could hold 2,500 fans.

Does Seattle Have a Hockey Team in the NHL?

Yes, Seattle’s NHL team is the Seattle Kraken. As an NHL expansion team, they became the 32nd franchise in the NHL at the start of the 2021-22 season.

Where Do the Seattle Kraken Play?

The Seattle Kraken play their home games just outside downtown Seattle at the Climate Pledge Arena. This indoor arena is located just north of downtown Seattle at the Seattle Center—a 74-acre entertainment complex, originally developed for the 1962 World’s Fair.

When Did the Seattle Kraken Join the NHL?

The Seattle Kraken officially joined the NHL in the 2021-22 NHL season. On October 23, 2021, they kicked off their inaugural season, with a home game against the Vancouver Canucks. Vince Dunn scored the first goal in Seattle Kraken history at the Climate Pledge Arena. However, the night ended with a 4-2  loss.

Their first regular season win at home was just 3 days later on October 26, 2021, against the Montreal Canadiens. They finished the night off with a 5-1 victory against the Habs.

What Are the Junior Hockey Teams in Washington State?

Washington State has several junior hockey teams. Major junior teams that play in the Western Hockey League (WHL) include: 

  • Seattle Thunderbirds
  • Tri-City Americans
  • Everett Silvertips
  • Spokane Chiefs.

Other junior hockey teams in Washington State include:

  • Bellingham Blazers (Tier II / Junior B)
  • Spokane Braves (Tier II / Junior B)
  • Seattle Totems (Tier II / Junior B)

What Is the Washington State University Hockey Team

Washington State University (WSU) has a Division II Men’s Ice Hockey team that’s a part of the American Collegiate Hockey Association (ACHA). The team competes in the PAC-8 conference of the ACHA hockey league.

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