5 Best Hockey Tape Alternatives in 2023 (With Pictures!)

Looking for some hockey tape?

But… you’re thinking about trying something new?

Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Hockey tape is one of the most crucial pieces of hockey gear you can use.

And, while most hockey players use “regular” hockey tape on their sticks… There’s been a recent surge in hockey gear advancements leading to excellent hockey tape alternatives.

And honestly… while some may look gimmicky, they’re actually really handy.

In this article, we’re going to go over the 5 best hockey tape alternatives you can use in 2023.

Some of these can even be used when playing street hockey.

Let’s dive right in.

Best Overall: Smarthockey Vulcanized Rubber Blade Tape

The Smarthockey Vulcanized Rubber Blade Tape is our favorite overall hockey tape you can use on the blade of your stick.


  • Great grip
  • Doesn’t get waterlogged


  • A little hard to put on
  • It’s heavier than hockey tape
  • A bit pricey

Smarthockey’s Blade Tape invention is a new technology that gives you a whole new “feel” when you’re stickhandling, passing, or shooting.

It has a feeling that you could almost “throw” the puck from the blade of your stick.

This additional grippiness makes it easier to handle the puck, so you can toe-drag much easier. Plus, it even helps when you’re just wanting to control the puck better through tight turns and transitions.

One of the coolest features of this tape is that it doesn’t get waterlogged. It also can’t come off your blade easily. 

One downside to the tape is that it’s a bit heavier than normal hockey tape. It’s also a bit thicker which takes some getting used to when handling the puck.

But, overall, it’s a really nifty hockey tape alternative that can help you stickhandle 

Runner-Up: BladeTape

Our runner-up for the best hockey tape alternatives in 2023 is BladeTape.

If you’re sick and tired of constantly taping and re-taping your blade every game, then you’ll want to check this cool hockey tape alternative out.


  • Easy to put on
  • Very budget-friendly
  • Comes with two sets


  • Limited grip area on the blade

One of the most inconvenient—and sometimes annoying—tasks when it comes to hockey gear maintenance is the never-ending taping of your hockey blade.

The design crew at BladeTape came together to figure out how to tackle this issue. That’s where their flagship product came in.

It’s crafted to fit ergonomically right on the “sweet spot” of your hockey stick blade.

Plus, it’s not too thick and bulky like some tape alternatives are. It’s quite thin.

In terms of grippiness, it has a nice, textured feel to it to give you impressive control of the puck when you’re on the ice.

BladeTape comes with a two-set package. Each set comes with both forehand and backhand grips. 

The second set is handy for putting on your backup stick or saving for later use in your hockey season.

Best For the Butt End of Your Stick: Buttendz Twirl Grip

Buttendz is probably the most popular hockey tape alternative around. Look around at your teammates on the bench next game and you’ll probably spot one or two teammates with one.

This grip is incredibly useful and makes it a breeze to keep a firm grip on your stick for better stickhandling, power, and control.


  • Fits all stick sizes
  • Provides impressive control
  • A variety of colors
  • A variety of grips and designs
  • Great durability


  • A bit pricier

One of Buttendz’s most popular grips is their “Twirl” model.

This grip will help you better control the butt end of your stick with a two-tiered player twirl grip.

It was designed specifically for players who don’t like the feeling of a knob on the end of their stick. It also includes a “twirl” pattern which allows your stick to fit snug in your hand.

This is our favorite overall grip for the butt end of your stick. However, they have a variety of models that you can choose from if you want a grip without the knob or twirl design.

Best Overall Budget Tape: Athletic Tape

If you’ve ever been in a rut for hockey tape on the way to your game, one of the best alternatives is athletic tape.

While it’s not the stickiest tape available, it’s something cheap and relatively easy to find that can provide decent grip on the ice.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to find
  • Can use it for injuries


  • Not the stickiest
  • Not as grippy as regular hockey tape

If you’re out of hockey tape and you need something FAST to replace it, then one of the best choices is simple athletic tape.

This stuff is so versatile. Not only is it good to have on hand in case you have an injury like a sore wrist or ankle, but it can also be a hockey tape replacement when you’re in a pinch.

Keep in mind that it isn’t as sticky as standard hockey tape so you’ll have to do a good job of taping it firmly to your stick. You may want to add a bit of wax to keep ice off so the tape doesn’t fall off.

But, overall, if you’re ever short on hockey tape before a game, athletic tape is one of the best hockey tape alternatives available.

Best Butt End Budget Tape: Electrical Tape

So you need to tape up the butt end of your stick? But… you don’t have any hockey tape? 

While it won’t provide you with much grip, electrical tape is an underrated substitute for hockey tape when it comes to the butt end of your stick.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy to find
  • Doesn’t break down gloves easily


  • Not really grippy

Electrical tape is a pretty underrated hockey tape alternative when you’re looking at something for the end of your hockey stick.

If you’re short on time and you need some tape for the end of your stick, then you could try using some electrical tape.

It’s similar to polyurethane tape but it’s thinner and much more flexible.

It’s not quite as wide as 1-inch hockey tape, but it’s quite hard and can give you a pretty sturdy knob on the end of your stick.

Keep in mind that you should only really consider using it for the butt end of your stick. It’s not very grippy so it shouldn’t be used on your blade.


1. What Is the Best Hockey Tape?

Our personal recommendation for the best hockey tape is Howies.

2. Can Hockey Tape Be Used As Athletic Tape?

Yes, you can use hockey tape as athletic tape if you have a cut, or need to properly secure your wrist or ankle. If you’re needing some athletic tape but only have hockey tape on hand, it can be a decent alternative.

3. What Tape Do NHL Players Use?

Most NHL players use typical white or black hockey tape (such as Howies, Sports Tape Hockey Tape, or Renfrew).

4. What Can I Use Instead of Hockey Tape?

Instead of hockey tape, you could use a rubber grip for the butt end of your stick or you could use a blade tape alternative like BladeTape for your hockey blade.

5. Can You Use Duct Tape on a Hockey Stick?

Yes, you technically could use duct tape on your hockey stick. However, it’s not recommended for your blade as it doesn’t provide much grip which can hurt your stickhandling, shooting, and passing.

6. Can Electrical Tape Be Used as Hockey Tape?

Yes, you can use electrical tape, although it would only be recommended on the butt end of your stick (not your blade)—and only if you’re in a pinch.

7. Is Hockey Tape Necessary?

Hockey tape is one of the essential pieces of gear you’ll need if you want to excel in the game. However, there are alternate versions of hockey tape you can use like a rubber grip on your stick.

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