What Hockey Team Is in Nova Scotia? (Pro, University, Juniors)

1971 was the year Nova Scotia landed its first professional hockey team.

The team name? The Nova Scotia Voyageurs – based in Halifax.

The Voyageurs were an expansion team within the American Hockey League (AHL) — originally called the Houston Apollos of the Central Hockey League (CHL).

The team was the affiliated minor league farm team for the Montreal Canadiens until 1984 when they eventually moved to Sherbrooke, Quebec to become the Sherbrooke Canadiens.

In this article, I’ll show you what professional hockey teams are in Nova Scotia and what university and junior hockey teams compete in the province.

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Let’s dive in.

Here’s What Hockey Teams Are In Nova Scotia:

Nova Scotia’s top hockey teams are the Acadia Axemen, CBU Capers, Dalhousie Tigers, Saint Mary’s Huskies, and St. Francis Xavier X-Men (in the U Sports League). The top junior hockey teams (in the QMJHL) are the Halifax Mooseheads and Cape Breton Eagles.

Does Nova Scotia Have a Hockey Team?

So, what is Nova Scotia’s hockey team?

Nova Scotia has dozens of high-level hockey teams but no current professional teams.

The top hockey teams in the province are D1 university hockey teams:

The Acadia Axemen, Dalhousie Tigers, Saint Mary’s Huskies, St. Francis Xavier X-Men, and CBU Capers all compete within the Atlantic University Sport conference in the U Sports League in Canada.

The top junior hockey teams that compete within the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League (QMJHL) are the Cape Breton Eagles and Halifax Mooseheads.

Are There Any NHL Teams in Nova Scotia?

So, will you find an NHL hockey team in Nova Scotia?

Unfortunately, not. But, Nova Scotia was once home to several professional teams that competed in the AHL: Cape Breton Oilers, Nova Scotia Voyageurs, Nova Scotia Oilers, and Halifax Citadels.

NHL Players from Nova Scotia

While Nova Scotia doesn’t have its own NHL team, the province is home to many current and retired hockey players from the National Hockey League (NHL).

The most prominent NHL player to come out of Nova Scotia is legend Sidney “Sid the Kid” Crosby.

NHL Players Born in Nova Scotia:

  • Sidney Crosby
  • Nathan MacKinnon
  • Brad Marchand
  • Al MacInnis
  • Bobby Smith
  • Glen Murray
  • Alex Killorn
  • Andrew McDonald
  • Jon Sim
  • Colin White
  • Ryan Graves
  • James Sheppard
  • Eric Boulton
  • Aaron Johnson
  • Mike McPhee
  • Lowell MacDonald
  • Doug Sulliman
  • Logan Shaw
  • Morgan Barron
  • Justin Barron
  • Liam O’Brien
  • Matthew Highmore

What Hockey Teams Are in Nova Scotia?

So, what hockey teams are in Nova Scotia? Nova Scotia has had several professional hockey teams over the years but currently doesn’t have a professional team. Instead, the top hockey teams in the province are University D1 teams and junior hockey teams as listed below:


Nova Scotia doesn’t have an NHL team. While they have had several professional hockey teams over the years, they haven’t had one compete in the NHL.

Hockey fans from Nova Scotia typically cheer for the NHL’s Montreal Canadiens.


The AHL is a high-level professional sports league just one step below the NHL. While Nova Scotia has had a few teams in the American Hockey League (AHL) team in the past, it doesn’t currently have a professional hockey team that competes within the league.

Here are the four AHL teams that have existed in Nova Scotia over the years:

  • Cape Breton Oilers (1988-1996)
  • Nova Scotia Voyageurs (1971-1984)
  • Nova Scotia Oilers (1984-1988)
  • Halifax Citadels (1988-1993)

D1 University Hockey 

While Nova Scotia is better known for its junior hockey, the province has five D1 university hockey teams that compete within the Atlantic University Sport (AUS) conference as a part of the U Sports League — the top-tier university sports league in Canada:

  • Acadia Axemen
  • Dalhousie Tigers
  • Saint Mary’s Huskies
  • St. Francis Xavier X-Men
  • CBU Capers

College Hockey

Nova Scotia doesn’t currently have any college hockey programs.

Junior Hockey

Wondering what junior hockey teams are in Nova Scotia?

Well, Nova Scotia has dozens of junior ice hockey teams spread across 4 leagues. 

Here are all the junior hockey teams in Nova Scotia, broken down by the different leagues:

Quebec Major Junior Hockey League (QMJHL – Major Junior) Teams:

So, does Nova Scotia have a major junior hockey team?

Yes! Nova Scotia has two major junior hockey teams in the Canadian Hockey League (CHL) team that competes within the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League: 

  • Cape Breton Eagles
  • Halifax Mooseheads

Maritime Junior A Hockey League (MHL – Junior A) Teams:

  • Amherst Ramblers
  • South Shore Lumberjacks
  • Valley Wildcats
  • Truro Bearcats
  • Weeks Crushers
  • Yarmouth Mariners

Nova Scotia Junior Hockey League (NSJHL – Junior B) Teams:

  • Brookfield Elks
  • Cole Harbour Colts
  • East Hants Penguins
  • Liverpool Privateers
  • Sackville Blazers
  • Valley Maple Leafs
  • Sid Rowe Division
  • Team Centre
  • Antigonish Bulldogs
  • Cumberland County Blues
  • Eskasoni Junior Eagles
  • Membertou Jr. Miners
  • Pictou County Scotians
  • Strait Pirates

Nova Scotia Regional Junior Hockey League (NSRJHL – Junior C) Teams:

  • South Shore Schooners
  • East Hants Jr. C Penguins
  • Eastern Shore Thunder
  • Sackville Knights
  • South West Storm
  • Spryfield Attack

Is There High School Hockey in Nova Scotia?

Yes, there is plenty of high school hockey to go around in Nova Scotia. There are four primary high school hockey leagues in the province:

Halifax Metro High School Hockey League (HMHSHL)

  • Auburn Eagles
  • Bay View High School
  • C.P. Allen Cheetahs
  • Citadel Phoenix
  • Dartmouth Spartans
  • Eastern Shore Schooners
  • Halifax West Warriors
  • Island View Devils
  • J.L. Ilsley Judges
  • Lockview Dragons
  • Millwood Knights
  • Sackville Kingfishers
  • Sommet-Mosaïque
  • Woodlawn Panthers

Valley High School Hockey League (VHSHL)

  • Avon View Avalanche
  • Barrington Barrons
  • Central Kings Gators
  • Clare Loups
  • Digby Mariners
  • Forest Heights Falcons
  • Horton Griffins
  • Northeast Kings Titans
  • Par-en-Bas Sharks
  • Parkview Panthers
  • West Kings Wolverines
  • Yarmouth Vikings

Northern Nova Scotia High School Hockey League (NNSHSHL)

  • CEC Cougars
  • Dr. J.H. Gillis Royals
  • Hants East Tigers
  • North Nova Gryphons
  • Northumberland Night Hawks

Cape Breton High School Hockey League (CBHSHL)

  • Glace Bay Panthers
  • Memorial Marauders
  • Riverview Ravens
  • Sydney Academy Wildcats

To learn about minor hockey leagues in Nova Scotia, check out the Hockey Nova Scotia website here.

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